About Us

Easyvzee is a site simplifying connections. Classifieds work by connecting the buyer with the right seller. Obviously, from the seller’s perspective, the site is about finding the right buyer. We are quite mutual in that way!

Sellers can conveniently place free classifieds in the relevant section of our site. We have several sections, covering everything from jobs to junk. Like we said above, all depends on perspective. If you have three TV sets in your home, at least one of them must feel like junk to you. Well, a buyer looking for making a good bargain on a TV set would not think it as a junk, but as a great deal! The TV is just an example, but you get the idea. 

We have the dove with olive logo for a reason. The dove symbolizes hope amidst confusion. In the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark, the dove was the harbinger of a new earth. Well, what we want to imply is, Easyvzee is the new land where buyers and sellers can find each other like never before! We are serious about our classifieds, but always suggest users to check in the safety tips before online classifieds dealing.

Happy dealing!

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