The Art of Writing Classified Ads
If you are the owner of a new startup, it goes without saying that you have very little money to spend on promotional activities. If you cannot hire the services of an advertising agency, you must learn how to design and write an effective classified ad that serves its purpose. These classified ads are seen in every newspaper, magazine, and even many websites on the internet. Despite their small size, it is a fact that classified ads are very efficient in attracting prospective clients to a business.

Impact of the heading
You get only a limited amount of space in which to put in as much information as you can about your business. However, even more important than this information is the heading of your classified advertisement. Your heading must be catchy enough to arouse interest in the mind of the reader so that he proceeds to read the entire content.

Some words have a magical effect
Pack the content with words that give clues about pricing and quality of product or service. Words like free, new, better, cheap etc. to convey more than other words. Most classified ads have a limited number of words allowed to the clients. To overcome limited space, you can overlook grammar and say more in fewer words by using short and incomplete sentences.

Highlight the USP
Your ad should bring out the benefits that a customer gets when choosing your product or service. Give all-important information succinctly while keeping the focus upon the reader. Make him feel special by writing personalized ads. Relate to your consumer .

Focus upon your target audience
Different newspapers and magazines have different audiences. You need to keep in mind everything from age and gender to income and educational levels of audience while writing the content of your classified advertisement.

A local newspaper is probably targets the middle class population of your city while a national level magazine might target the highly educated and wealthy. Your ad is effective only when the target audience of the newspaper or magazine is interested in a similar product or service.

Always inform and never mislead
This is a golden rule of classified ads. You must always remain truthful as deception is bad for your reputation. Never give misleading information that might land you in trouble later on. Your classified ad will generate free word of mouth publicity and thus more sales if you give accurate information about your product or service.

Last but not the least, make the reader want your product and compel him to contact you to get more information.
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